4 Benefits of Using Compost

4 Benefits of Using Compost

What’s Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic matter made from a variety of materials including: coffee grounds, eggshells, grass clippings, leaves, manure, straw and vegetable scraps. It’s an ideal material to use when starting a new garden, planting trees, or looking for healthy mulch. Compost improves soil quality by naturally increasing the nutrient content in soil. It’s used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure, buffer pH, add additional organic material and to boost the number of micro/macro organisms found in soil.

4 Benefits of Using Compost:

  1. Compost improves the structure of soil. Regardless of it’s original state, adding compost to your soil 1-2 times per year, will eventually become an optimal growing environment. Over time, it will improve the soils texture, water retention and overall fertility.
  2. There’s no fertilizer or organic fertilizer available on the market that provides the amount of balanced nutrients found in compost. Most importantly, nutrients in compost are readily available as your plants needs them — not as you apply them. Major beneficial nutrients include: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Compost also adds important micronutrients found in compost such as manganese, copper, iron, and zinc.
    • Note: it’s important to re-apply a layer of compost at the beginning of each growing season. After nutrients are used they need to be replenished.
  3. Compost boosts the number helpful organisms in your soil. The microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins and natural antibiotics found in compost help ward off harmful microbes from damaging the plants and their root systems.
  4. Using compost in soil helps to neutralize pH and fertility issues.

Learn how to make your own compost here.

Compost and Turf:

If you have turf, it’s important to apply compost 1-2 times per year. It’s best to top dress turf in late fall and early spring with  a ¼’’ of compost.

Urban Soil’s Compost:

There are different types of compost that you can use, but we focus on two kinds of nutrient-rich compost that are ready to fertilize trees and gardens:

  1. Poultry Based Compost: we chose to make this compost due to the added benefits of poultry litter. It’s higher in plant available nitrogen and makes a well-rounded compost.
  2. Manure Compost: made from a mix of animal manures, green waste and shredded wood products. Ingredients are blended and wind-rowed to allow the compost process to occur. Once materials are fully composted, each row is tested to ensure it’s ready for use. Every batch is screened to remove any large unwanted particles.

All our compost is U.S. Compost Council S.T.A certified.

We offer compost mixing, sales and delivery for both commercial and residential projects. Our delivery trucks range from trailers to for smaller residential endeavors to high side semis to meet the needs of a large scale projects . Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

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