How and When to Mulch: Everything You Need to Know.

How and When to Mulch: Everything You Need to Know.

What’s mulch?

Mulch is a protective covering that’s spread on the ground to retain moisture, maintain even soil temperature, reduce erosion, limit weed growth, and/or enrich soil. The composition of mulch varies, but it’s generally made from organic material including: bark chips, grass, leaves, peat moss, pine needles, sawdust, straw, or wood chips. In addition, it often contains material from compost and/or manure.

Over time, this organic material will break down, adding nutrients and beneficial microbes to soil. Reducing the need to fertilize as often.  

All mulches provide these excellent benefits. Types of mulch vary from each unique landscape and depends on the purpose and the aesthetic value of that landscape.

How to Mulch:

Mulch should be applied evenly around trees, shrubs, and/or perennials, and approximately 2-4 inches in depth. It should be kept a foot away from the trunk of a tree and an inch away from the base of a perennial. This is to avoid issues like decay, disease and pests.

Mulch provides an insulating barrier between the soil and the outer environment. It creates a temperature buffer of  roughly 20 degrees. If it is 100 degrees outside, the soil under the mulch will be +/- 80 degrees. Likewise, if it is 20 degrees outside then the soil under the mulch is 40 degrees. This keeps your plant roots protected from extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations that are common in our area. Mulch also provides moisture retention. A 2’’ layer of mulch will deter 70% of soil evaporation. This lowers the need to irrigate and saves water, time and money.

Seasons to Mulch:

It’s important to give soil a chance to warm from winter. Mulching too early will actually slow down the warming process as it provides an insulating layer from the environment. For Texas, mid to late spring is the best time to mulch.

Types of Mulch:

Here at Urban Soil, we provide a variety of mulches, each one offering a different aesthetic and purpose.

  • Double Shredded Hardwood: made from native trees and brush. It is double ground and aged to produce a dark, rich color.
double shredded native mulch
  • Double Shredded Cedar: made from 100% Cedar. It is not cut with any other wood, producing a nice Cedar smell and is fine textured.

Composted Mulch: made from wood left over from our compost process. It is naturally dark in color and contains a significant amount of compost. It provides beneficial microbes and nutrients to your soil.

Black and red dyed mulches are made with natural dyes and natural hardwoods. They provide deep, rich colors

Committed to Sustainability:

Urban Soil is committed to sustainability and to keeping Texas beautiful. We recycle tree waste from our projects to reduce landfill and to eliminate burn pollution. We manufacture mulch at our Specht Road facility to ensure the highest quality product.

Our background in horticulture and arboriculture means you’ll get the mulch crafted for the needs of our Texas landscape. We work with residential and commercial projects of any size throughout South Texas.

Have questions on which mulch is right for your project? Or maybe your ready to place an order. Contact us today, we’re here to help you build the landscaping of your dreams.

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