What sets us apart


What sets Urban Soil apart is our commitment to sustainability. Every ounce of waste we acquire from land clearing is turned into mulch and compost at our Specht Road facility. We also accept clean tree waste from homeowners and other businesses. 

Urban Soil is committed to sustainability and keeping Texas beautiful. We recycle tree and yard waste to reduce landfills and to eliminate burn pollution. Our process is not only good for our neighborhoods, it also helps us to manufacture high quality soils, composts and mulches for builders, homeowners and landscaping companies.

We recycle tree waste from local tree services and land clearing operations. That means we avoid trips to landfills, eliminate the need for polluting the air and repurpose waste into useful material. We use these sustainable practices to help keep our great state pristine.


Drop off your tree and brush for recycling

Urban Soil will salvage wood or haul it away to recycle. Or if you’d like to leave specific trees or brush, we will save and service them. We are mindful of both your property and your neighboring properties, and how our work could affect their plants and soil integrity. We take pride in each project treating it as if it were our own land.

Call us today if we can help you with your next project for your property or if you want to drop off clean tree waste at our Specht Road facility. Ask for our operations guru, Dale. He’ll get you organized and greet you at the yard.