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Nutrient-rich and ready-for-use, our compost is perfect for fertilizing trees and gardens.



Manure compost is made from a mix of animal manures, green waste and shredded wood products. The raw ingredients are blended and wind-rowed to allow the compost process to take place. Once the materials have fully composted, each row is scientifically tested to ensure the compost is finished and ready for use. After the compost passes, each batch is screened to remove any large unwanted particles.

Nutrient-rich and ready for use, our compost is perfect for fertilizing trees and gardens. 

We offer compost mixing, sales and delivery for both commercial and residential projects. Our delivery trucks range from trailers to for smaller residential endeavors to high side semis to meet the needs of a large scale projects . Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

Committed to sustainability

Urban Soil is a proud member of the US Composting Council. Committed to promoting the practice of composting and composting industry, the US Composting Council Council provides research and education to build this sustainability effort across the US. 

The nutrient-rich material derived from composting helps plants and trees thrive in our Texas soils. But just as important, the practice of composting is a crucial part to supporting a sustainable environment. We recycle tree and brush material from all our projects for mulching and composting. Let’s keep Texas beautiful and healthy together.

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Our soils are formulated to support long lasting, sustainable and beautiful landscapes.



We manufacture mulches that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also provide beneficial moisture retention to save water.