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We mix soils specifically for your project needs from topsoils and garden mix to 4-way mixes and custom blends.



Our soils are formulated to support long lasting, sustainable and beautiful landscapes. Our expertise in horticulture and arboriculture means we know what your garden and landscaping needs to thrive in our Texas climes. 

Count on us to blend any of our specialty soils to meet your needs. Specialty soil mixes may include Bio Swale media, Bio Retention media, soils for managing heavy clay areas and aquatic media or any other design specific soil mix.

We offer soil delivery for large and small projects throughout South Texas. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next project.


Made from a blend of composted humus and dark topsoil.

This is designed as an all-purpose topsoil blend good for sod, beds, berms, leveling low areas and any type of landscape planting.

Perfect for home or commercial landscaping projects.


Made from sandy loam soil, manure compost, composted humus and white sand. 

This mix is designed to provide superior drainage and moisture retention. 

4-Way Mix is perfect for perennial and annual beds, tree and shrub plantings.

nutrient composted soil


Made with two types of compost, dark topsoil and white sand.

Our Garden Soil mix is designed to allow for more drainage while still retaining moisture and providing superior nutrient availability. The added drainage helps protect plants from root disease to support healthy plant growth.

Blended Soils

Made specifically for your project.

We have the materials, equipment and testing facilities to make a custom blended soil for any project. Our experience in varied Texas landscapes and background in horticulture means you’ll get the soil that is just right for your project.

we also offer


We offer high quality manure compost made from a mix of animal manures, green waste and shredded wood products.


We manufacture mulches that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also provide beneficial moisture retention to save water.

Not sure what you need?

Have questions on what is best for your garden or landscaping project? Call us! We’re happy to help.

"Urban Soil's products are high quality. They have the knowledge, tools and people to make a premium product that meets the quality standards for any horticultural application. Their products have more than exceeded expectation on the San Antonio Children's Garden."
David Rodriguez
Head Horticulturist of the San Antonio Children's Garden