The Most Efficient Way to Clear Land

The Most Efficient Way to Clear Land

Land Clearing:

Lot and land clearing is the process of removing any pre-existing structures, brush, trees, stumps, rocks, weeds and other difficult vegetation from an area. It also involves smoothing furrows and hills and filling in large holes. Land clearing is a common practice for property owners looking to make their land more usable and safe. It can be a difficult and dangerous process. No piece of land is ever the same, from soil composition, to grade, to terrain.

Reasons for Land Clearing:

  • To develop land, making it usable for building or landscaping.
  • For agricultural and preparing land for growing crops.
  • To protect against erosion.
  • Vegetation management.
  • Fire mitigation and insurance compliance.
  • Removing dead trees, brush, weeds or other vegetation helps eliminate hazardous fuel for a fire — and the number one way homes or buildings burn down during wildfire.
  • To improve visual aesthetic by removing unpleasant or dead objects
  • To take out diseased trees (i.e. oak wilt). To reduce the spread of disease and/or pests. Many times, rotting stumps and/or trees are often hosts of diseases that can quickly spread to other parts of the land and neighboring areas.
  • Remove invasive species such as Ash Juniper (Texas cedar) for aesthetics or for the benefit of other trees and wildlife.

Lot Clearing Process:

Due to terrain, every job site is different so it’s important to scale the resources and techniques to accomplish the task in the safest and most efficient way possible.

  • Smaller jobs (1 acre or less) are cleared by hand using sawyers cutting trees and limbing trees to be saved for clearance and health.
  • For lots (1-5 acres): we use excavators that are able to move quickly and easily remove trees by the roots and load them out via trucks.
  • Larger jobs (~3-300 acres) with difficult terrain require bulldozers. They’re used to remove large quantities of trees; and grinders are used to shred the material on site for reuse or for transport.

Tree Survey:

Urban Soil In-House Equipment:

Our equipment helps us to get the job done safe and efficient. Land clearing is a dangerous and laborious job and best left to professionals with proper machinery.

  • Morbark 6600 Track Horizontal Grinder 1200 hp
  • Cat D6
  • Cat 963 Track Loader
  • Cat 329 Excavator
  • Cat 320 Excavator
  • Cat 315 excavator
  • Case 621 Loader
  • Cat 966 Loader
  • Semis with Mulch Trailers
  • Half Round Trailers
  • Dump trucks

Whether you are a builder, landscaper, property manager or homeowner, we are ready to manage your small or large-scale clearing, tree and soil services. We are in-house certified payroll and SSIP and CSIPP accredited. Additionally, we have ISA Certified Arborists available for the duration of your project.

We handle commercial and residential projects of any size.Call us today for your free estimate.

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