Tree Stump Removal-What You Need To Know

Tree Stump Removal-What You Need To Know


Tree stumps are often left in the ground for a reason — they are expensive and difficult to remove. Stumps can become unsightly, create underground issues over time and start to regrow. Tree stump removal is beneficial for you and your property.

Reasons to Remove a Stump:

  • Take up valuable space on your property.
  • Can decrease property value.
  • Safety hazard, especially when hidden by grass, weeds or plants.
  • They’re unsightly.
  • Old stumps attract pests.
  • New stumps can start to re-grow if not taken care of correctly.

Each and every stump is different, no two are ever the same. There are several factors that contribute to how challenging the the stump removal process will be: the tree variety, its age and the size of the stump, location, proximity to structures and utilities and access. 
These aspects are all important in determining the best method for stump removal. For example, old oak trees will have a deep, intricate root system that would be very time consuming and physically demanding to remove by hand. In this case, it would be most effective to use a stump grinder.
Another important factor to consider is how many stumps need to be removed from your property?
How many stumps are you willing to remove by hand?  

Although the stump removal process is challenging, there are a few ways to make it easier. With the right knowledge and tools it’s doable. Here are our most recommended methods for removing a tree stump:

Urban Soil Recommended Stump Removal Methods:

1. DIY – Remove by Hand: This method is best for small trees with shallow roots.

  • Begin by digging around the circumference of the tree, exposing the roots as much as possible. Once the roots are exposed, using a grub hoe, cut and wench the roots from the ground, removing as much of the root system as possible. It is often easier to soak the soil as it helps loosen around the stump. Once the roots have been removed, the stump itself should be easy to take off. At this point, a shovel may be required to dig below the stump to break any additional roots. A pry bar can also be used to help leverage the stump to remove it. Remove the stump in wheel barrel or truck bed and fill the hole with topsoil.
    • Tools: shovel, axe, loppers, root saw, and pry bar.

2. Stump Grinder: are by far the most effective way to get rid of stumps, especially if you need it gone ASAP.

  • Using a stump grinder is the most efficient and effective way to remove a tree stump. Stump grinders have metal teeth that shred the wood into chips. As this machine suggests, this machine grinds stumps until what is left is below ground level. You can then use the ground stump material in your garden and fill the hole with topsoil.
    • Tools: Stump grinders can be rented, but most homeowners choose to hire an experienced arborist or landscaper to do this work for them.
      • They are generally rented by the day or half-day. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines while operating this equipment.

3. Heavy Equipment: for large or multiple stumps where there is good access Urban soil uses excavators to dig out stumps and load and haul them away.

  • This can be more cost effective on larger jobs where trees are being removed.

If you’re planning to remove a stump from your yard, keep in mind the time, money and resources it will require to get the job done. There’s a good possibility you will need to buy or rent tools do it correctly. If the job feels overwhelming, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.

Committed to Sustainability.

There are other methods to removing stumps (i.e. burning and chemical removal), but here at Urban Soil, we’re committed to sustainability. We recycle tree and yard waste to reduce landfills and to eliminate burn pollution. Our process is not only good for our neighborhoods, it also helps us to manufacture high quality soils, composts and mulches for builders, homeowners and landscaping companies. We are mindful of both your property and your neighboring properties, and how our work could affect their plants and soil integrity. We take pride in each project treating it as if it were our own land.

Our experienced and ISA Certified Arborists focus on professional guidance, environmental safety and high-quality work. They have mastered the craft of tree care services and have a deep proficiency when it comes to understanding the process of stump removal.

Contact us today for your free stump removal consultation.

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